KIRKPATRICK Black Antique Door Knob on Backplate 1212More Handles provide exquisite door knobs at affordable prices. They have built a reputation as leading suppliers of door knobs and source products from exclusive manufacturers, stocking only the best door hardware. Their door handles are crafted with artistic designs whilst providing optimum functionality. More Handles have a great array of designs and finishes. Their door knobs are extremely functional, well known for their longevity and easy to maintain. At More Handles you can find handles in all shapes and styles, ranging from the modern to traditional.

All knobs reflect excellent craftsmanship. They’re manufactured with attention to detail and with utmost precision whilst also meeting current standards and regulations. Door knobs come in a variety of finishes including brass, chrome and pewter, amongst others.
More Handles offer an excellent range of black antique door knobs in authentic patterns. Traditional ironmongery skills have been combined with modern technology to produce a wide range of high quality black antique ironmongery door knobs. Malleable iron is used to create this range of door hardware, giving it immense strength and durability. Black antique door knobs compliment wooden based designs beautifully, enforcing the traditional feel of a room. These door knobs are sourced from Ludlow Foundries, Kirkpatrick Architectural hardware and From The Anvil, amongst others.

FROM THE ANVIL BRONZE OVAL DOOR KNOB 33911These black antique door knobs are rust proof and finished with high quality paints. Their textured surface will add a gothic touch to any of your doors. The Oval mortice knob from the Ludlow Foundries collection is a traditional unsprung door knob. It is comfortable to use and is ideal for cottage style town houses.
The Kirkpatrick mortice/rim door knob is a ribbed knob on a rectangular plate which looks fabulous on ledged and braced doors. The Kirkpatrick door knob on backplate has a scroll lever design and fleur de Lys backplate with a rose in the centre, making it an elegant addition to any household.
The Octagonal door knob from the Anvil range has a strong look and fresh feel. This black antique door knob is flexible and can be adjusted to suit doors of various thicknesses.
The From the Anvil oval knob has a durable design and its traditional black finish makes it ideal for external use.

Black antique door knobs will renovate your doors into traditional pieces. More Handles only stock door knobs that are produced to the highest standards, made by trusted designer brands. To give your doors a timeless and traditional appeal contact their specialists by calling 01228 516516 or email them at