With all of the fresh starts that happen in the New Year, sometimes it’s nice to apply little changes that can make a big difference. More Handles specialise in the little things that can make your home feel like new, without having to make major changes that will take up a lot of your time.

We’ve chosen seven of our favourite interior door handles so you can make those little changes in your home. We’ve selected interior door handles that represent a range of different tastes. Our versatile range of door handles allows you to create the exact look you want and may even inspire you to choose something a bit different. Take a look at our selection below and discover which interior door handle will best suit your home in the New Year.

1. Frelan Pew 700 Pewter PVCu Door Handle  

This deceptively simple design packs a big punch. Elegant, clean lines complement the pewter finish to create something truly eye catching. This interior door handle is a simple way to give your home a fresh look for the New Year. All of our pewter door handles use a traditional material in a contemporary way, creating something that is wholly unexpected.

2. Gothic Curved Sprung Lever Handle 

Add a touch of history to your home with a gothic sprung lever handle. This black antique door handle is sure to bring a touch of gothic glamour into your newly decorated home. Door handles are a simple way to help to transform a space at a relatively low cost, why not try it yourself with these gothic interior door handles? They’ll give your home an edge, without it looking over the top.

3. Regency Reeded Door Handle 

These Regency door handles are just perfect for the detail obsessed person in your life. If you’re re-designing your home or room with a specific period in mind then you’ll need to get every detail right. It’s those small attentions to detail that will help lift the room and make it extra special. Choose this interior door handle if you want every detail right.

4. Frelan Comet Door Handle

This celestial-inspired interior door handle will add a dash of style to any home. Its sculptural shape neatly follows the curve of your hand and will create a great focal point to any door. If you want to makeover your home with a nod to modern design then this is the perfect door handle. Try Frelan’s Comet Door Handle to create out of this world detail in your New Year makeover.

5. Pewter Sheraton Door Handle 

The use of mixed materials in this interior door handle make it something a little different. It’ll bring the outdoors inside and give your home some striking detailing. This interior door handle is a great choice for those looking to add a touch of nature to their interiors in the New Year.

6. Eurospec Pro Secure Multi Point Door Handle

You might be carrying out your interior makeover for security reasons, rather than aesthetic. If this is the case then you should invest in a pro secure multi point door handle. This door handle is a good option to replace any tired looking handles in your home. It’ll make you feel secure and give your home a smarter appearance.

7. Ludlow Foundries Curly Tail Door Handle

This interior door handle has hints of Art Nouveau swirled through its design. Artistic and elegant Ludlow Foundries curly tail door handle will give your home a sophisticated air, whilst still remaining practical and beautiful. Opt for this door handle and give hints to your artistic side throughout your home.