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How well do you protect your home? You have home insurance, but just how much will that help protect you or your family? It is a modern day necessity to have insurance on your property but it can not physically stop a burglar, home invasion or other onsite crime. As a homeowner or renter it is critical to be aware and to make a habit of several simple daily checks.

1. Do not leave keys or other such items under doormats, in flowerpots, or other cliché spots as these are the first places that intruders will check. Keep extra keys with you, or in a spot that only you or your family know about. Test your key hiding skills by asking a family member to guess where you may have hidden them, if they find them too quickly then you know you need to work on your hiding spot some more.

2. Even if it means having to take the day off from work, or adjust your schedule, make time to be around when you have people working in or on your home. Don't be afraid to ask workers questions to let them know you are watching. This attentive behavior will likely discourage any crimes of opportunity as well as broadcasting a mental picture as to your intentions to keep your home and family safe. Being aware of your surroundings and events in your surrounds are key to safety and security.

3. Get to know your neighbors. This may sound obvious or silly but having at least one or two good neighbors that can keep an eye out for you when they are home and you are not can greatly increase your chances of foiling a burglary. Check to see if your area has a Neighborhood Watch Program, and if it doesn't then ask your neighbors if they would like to be part of one.

4. Unlike the doormat or flowerpot hiding spot, a "Beware of Dog" sign can actually go a long way towards making someone think twice about breaking into your home. If you really don't want a dog there is nothing that states you can not have a sign stating you have a guard dog. Invest in a sign from your local hardware or home improvement store and put it in a visible spot. Its another cheap and effective way to secure your home.

5. Don't forget the windows fittings and window security. This is another critical security point in any home or residence and windows should be checked to make sure they are locked. Even if you have a home alarm system lock your windows because not all security systems provide sensors on second floor windows so it is a good idea to get in the habit of making sure this easy access point is secure.

6. One of the best upgrades you can do to your home is to add deadbolts, install door lock plates and upgraded door locks. Companies like  offer some excellent lock systems including Keyed Alike, Masterkey, British Standard, Insurance Rated, Secured By Design and more.
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7. To keep your family safe, you should also include an incident or accident prevention and fire safety plan. These types of dangers can put you and your family at risk as well as threatening to destroy your personal belongings. Forethought and preventative measures go a long way in this area.

8. What about the outside. Once your doors are locked, windows are secured, and alarms are set, what about the outside of your home? Eliminating dangerous dark spots around your home by adding lighting, landscaping trees and bushes to eliminate hiding spots, and add a simple fence which can provide extra security as well as adding a distinctive look to your property and home. Non of these improvements are terribly expensive thus making them a sound investment for any property.

9. Be sure to update your insurance company about any security upgrades you make as most insurance companies provide discounts for these types of improvements and alarm security services. Call your agent for more details as this may give you an idea of what kind of budget you can start with, without any additional costs, IE; If adding a security system will save you 15% on your home owners insurance you can take the amount you pay for insurance every year and multiply by the percentage you will save to get a rough figure of what you can spend on these improvements.

10. The last item on our list is of course the Security Alarm. There is a huge choice open to you from screwing a blank box to the outside of your home that gives the impression that the property is alarmed, to a full live monitored security system with cameras - There is also a huge range in prices to consider.

Do whatever you can do to improve the security in your home,whether simple or complex.  It all helps to give you a good night's sleep!