This is a traditional reproduction style period brass plate handle. These are a true replica of late 18th Century designs still manufactured in their original method. Both Sheraton and Chippendale used these handles extensively into the early years of the 19th Century. All of these handles are made from original press tools here in England.

A note regarding the antique brass finish – These products are created in a traditional foundry using solid forged or cast brass, which is then treated with a solution to naturally oxidize the metal. This dulls the brass finish to give the item an authentic appearance. Note that by nature of the way in which this is achieved, the finish may differ slightly from batch to batch, and may be darker than the image shown. If this is the case, and you would prefer the finish to be a lighter-coloured brass, they can be polished up with a metal cleaner such as ‘Brasso’. This is possible because the finish is left un-lacquered for authenticity


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Reference Centres Width Height

1536A/B 67mm 89mm 54mm

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1536A/B 1536A/B Antique Brass by Ornate W89mm / H54mm / C67mm
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