Osmo Repair Set for Wooden Flooring & Furniture from More Handles



The perfect repair kit for any wooden or laminated floors, doors, cladding, windows or furniture. An easy and effective way to carry out repairs on all your interior woodwork and joinery.

High quality wax sticks, for quick and easy application that has been recommended by professionals for home DIY. This item is battery operated. 

How to use: 

Melt: liquefy the filling wax with the heated melting knife.
Filling: Drop liquid filler into the damaged area until it is just slightly overfilled.
Leveling: When the filling wax has cured, plane off the excess material using the grooved handle on the Mini-Melter.
Finish: Remove any filler residues by polishing lightly with the Scotch Brite pad.

The Osmo repair set has 6 wax sticks (allowing you to mix wax shades to match almost any wooden surface) and a mini wax melter.


Voltage : 3 V
Amperage : 2.75 ampere ± 0.2
Power :  8 W
Mini-Melter heat capacity :  30 minutes

Helpful advice:

  • 2 x AA 1.5V batteries are included. To replace batteries, open housing with a screwdriver. Do not use rechargeable batteries, but LR6/AA/1.5 batteries only.

  • Heat efficiency is guaranteed for approx. 30 minutes, when Mini-Melter is operated continuously. However, it is recommended to use the tool for shorter periods and switch off from time to time.

Supplied complete with full instructions. 

Delivery Times: 7-10 Days

7500 Repair set

7500R Refill pack for repair set

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