Osmo Floor-X-Center Wooden Floor Buffer from More Handles

FloorXCenter Floor Buffer from Osmo - 14000246


The FloorXcenter is a single-disc machine that removes the smallest specks of dirt that deposit themselves in the fine structure and pores of the wood by using eccentric rotation to ensure effective cleaning results.

The machine is easy to use, it has a soap dispenser to distribute the ideal amount of water and Osmo Wash and Care Liquid to avoid making floors too wet.

The several pads also allow the FloorXCenter to fulfil various applications.
For cleaning; the white pad or brush in combination with the cleaning agent and the movement of the machine loosens dirt.
The microfiber pad is used in a similar way to a mop. It is dampened with water and can easily remove dirt that’s loosened by cleaning.
The green pad is for the application of clear Osmo Polyx®-Oil 2K


The FloorXCentre is also used for resurfacing wooden floors, for the maintenance of oiled floors and for staining your interior flooring.

FloorXCentre Product Information and Instructions

Delivery Times: Please allow 7-10 days for delivery

AC Motor: 230; 50 Hz

Nominal Consumption: 290 W; 1.25 A

Working Width: 300mm

Cable Length: 7.5m


241: White Pad

242: Red Pad

243: Microfibre Pad

244: Red Brushing Ring

259: Green Pad

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