Mayfair Cupboard Handle HN-I-3673 from More Handles

Mayfair Cast Iron Cupboard Pull Handles


Beautifully made 'Mayfair' cupboard handles for cupboards, drawers and cabinets are cast from high-grade Iron and finished with a smooth lacquer coat.

These come in a wide range of sizes to ensure you find the right one to fit your furniture. The lacquered finish on the iron creates a smooth and easy to maintain surface.

Supplied in singles complete with fixings.

Delivery Times: Approximately 7-10 days
Fixing Centres   Overall Length   Code
32mm 58mm KB-I-3672-32
96mm 132mm HN-I-3673-96
128mm 164mm HN-I-3673-128
160mm 196mm HN-I-3673-160
192mm 228mm HN-I-3673-192
224mm 260mm HN-I-3673-224
320mm 356mm HN-I-3673-320

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Code Finish Variation Price Qty
KB-I-3672-32-I KB-I-3672-32-I Cast Iron Centres 32mm
RRP: £3.93 exc VAT exc VAT £2.18 inc VAT £2.62
HN-I-3673-96-I HN-I-3673-96-I Cast Iron Centres 96mm
RRP: £8.58 exc VAT exc VAT £4.75 inc VAT £5.70
HN-I-3673-128-I HN-I-3673-128-I Cast Iron Centres 128mm
RRP: £8.13 exc VAT exc VAT £4.50 inc VAT £5.40
HN-I-3673-160-I HN-I-3673-160-I Cast Iron Centres 160mm
RRP: £8.97 exc VAT exc VAT £4.97 inc VAT £5.96
HN-I-3673-192-I HN-I-3673-192-I Cast Iron Centres 192mm
RRP: £10.04 exc VAT exc VAT £5.56 inc VAT £6.67
HN-I-3673-224-I HN-I-3673-224-I Cast Iron Centres 224mm
RRP: £10.50 exc VAT exc VAT £5.81 inc VAT £6.97
HN-I-3673-320-I HN-I-3673-320-I Cast Iron Centres 320mm
RRP: £13.65 exc VAT exc VAT £7.56 inc VAT £9.07

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