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Door Handles on Rose

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The Versatility of Door Handles on Rose

 Our door handles on rose category is a great source for inspiration. Thanks to the versatility of our door handles all of our designs are suitable for any room of the house. Our door handles on rose are perfect for any room in your house – they are a particularly popular choice for living rooms due to their small backplate.

All of our products are high quality which means every item you buy from us it will enhance the beauty of your home. Classic door handles on rose have a traditional style, and can be matched with the same lever door handle on a backplate. The pewter door handles on rose can also be matched with the same door handle on a backplate. These are just some of the options available to you with our versatile range.

Designs To Suit Any Taste

We’ve given you a wide selection of designs so that all tastes are covered. Whether you want polished and satin chrome door handles, pewter, polished brass or bronze antique door handles we’ve got a great selection that will complement your taste. There’s been a growing trend for black nickel door handles, which offer an interesting finish to any design. These are some of the newest designs to hit the door accessory market and we’ve seen a peaked interest in them since adding them to the site. See if they suit your own design choices by taking a look above. 

Trusted Suppliers

We’ve got long standing and trusted relationships with our suppliers so that means our products are a guaranteed high quality and will always have high levels of stock. Some of our suppliers for our door handles on rose include; Carlisle Brass, Fortessa, Frelan, Eurospec and Finesse. These are just some of our trusted partners that provide our excellent range of door handles. We use them time and time again as they deliver to the same standard we do, which means all of our joint expertise is passed on to you.

Please feel free to call one of our team of door handle specialists on 01228 516 516 if you have any questions - we’re always pleased to help.