More Handles puts the spotlight on Vintage Anglepoise Lamps.

As part of their new Cottingham Collection, More Handles now supply an interesting range of vintage style anglepoise lamps and reclaimed look, factory-retro lampshades.  The items are newly manufactured, but are created in a style and design that they could pass for original reclaimed items, and are very much in the current shabby-chic decor trend.

vintage factory lamps

The Cottingham Collection is a specialist range of home and furniture hardware that is manufactured in cast iron and provides a unique, traditional look and feel.  As part of the Cottingham Collection, a range of vintage style anglepoise lamps have been created which really capture the retro, industrial, shabby-chic look.

Cottingham Collection

Adapting the original Herbert Terry Anglepoise Lamp design, the Cottingham Collection Anglepoise Lamp loses the iconic springs for a more industrial and basic fixing method using a simple wingnut fixing.  This is still adjustable to any angle and position required but maintains a more rustic feel to the design.

factory retro anglepoise lamp

The Vintage Anglepoise Lamp is available in two sizes.  The smaller desk version has the iconic square base similar to the original Anglepoise design, and is 145mm square.  The lamp stands approximately 700mm high, although of course this is adjustable to any height you prefer.  The lampshade is 165mm in diameter.  As the lamp arm and shade are supplied as separate components some customers choose to fix the lamp arm directly to a desk.

cottingham vintage anglepoise lamp


The larger Vintage Anglepoise Lamp is designed as a floor standing lamp and has a large dome base which is 335mm in diameter and 130mm at the top of the dome.  The overall height of the lamp is 1000mm, but again this is adjustable to any height..  The lamp shade has the same 165mm diameter.

vintage anglepoise lamp large

The metal has been aged gracefully to allow a reclaimed factory look with a shabby chic rust-finish developing.  This can be left to develop its own unique patina, or if you prefer can be treated with a simple clean with WD40 and a light wax polish applied to clean the metal and acheive your own individual look.

Available with a traditional 3 cord braided wire and bulb holder to complete the vintage look, the wire is 2500mm in length, but please note that the lamp is unswitched so should be wired in correctly.


History of the Anglepoise Lamp

The Anglepoise Lamp is a British design classic that traces it's heritage back to the early 20th Century.  Celebrated in British culture,  even receiving it's own postage stamp design, the Anglepoise Lamp was in fact designed by a British car engineer, George Carwardine in 1931.

anglepoise lamp postage stamp

george carwardine anglepoise lampWorking with an industrial springs manufacturer Herbert Terry & Sons, George Carwardine developed the design for an articulated lamp that combined flexibility and balance, allowing for the lamp to be positioned exactly as the user required. The obvious industrial uses of such a task lamp were quickly recognised, but the anglepoise lamp was also redesigned a few years later for the domestic market and became hugely popular.  

Jacob Jacobsen, a Norwegian designer, obtained the licence from George Carwardine and Herbert Terry & Sons for manufacturing and marketing these lamps in Scandinavia.  Varying George Carwardine's design slightly he produced the Luxo Lamp, and between the two manufacturers the Anglepoise Lamp has become one of the most popular and recognised designs in the world.

Falling out of design favour for a while, there has been a real resurgence in the popularity of the Anglepoise Lamp design in recent years.  Of course it now exists in the conciousness of an entirely new generation, as the cute corporate image of Disney's  film company Pixar.  The Pixar Anglepoise Lamp appears at the start of every one of their hugely popular family films.

pixar anglepoise lamp


Enamel Factory Pendant Lampshades

In addition to the Vintage Anglepoise Lamp, the Cottingham Collection also features a range of  Factory Lampshades which provide another version of the industrial, shabby-chic, retro look.

The Factory Pendant Lampshades are in Aged Nickel or Rust to evoke that industrial feel. 

factory pendant lampshade

The simple lampshade creates a retro feel that is perfect for many lighting situations in a residential kitchen,  commercial bars and restaurants, and even a retro office look.

The enamel factory lampshades are in; Cream, Duck Egg Blue, French Grey, Black and Original Rust.  The diameter of the Lampshade is 160mm and the height is 125mm.

factory pendant lampshade grey factory pendant lampshade bluefactory pendant lampshade blackfactory pendant lampshade creamfactory pendant lampshade rust

The traditional braided cable and bulb holder are also available if required.

All of these vintage lamps are available to order online today from More Handles Website or speak to one of our team on 01228 516516.