The More Handles Brand 

We are very busy putting the finishing touches to our shiny new More Handles Website which will launch in the new year.  As part of the new website design we have been looking at the More Handles Brand, the More Handles Logo and the More Handles Motto.  Branding is very important, especially for an online business like ours, and involves so much more than just the font or imagery that is used. 

We want to communicate through the More Handles Brand everything that we represent to our customers.  We have to inspire recognition so that customers easily recognise and feel comfortable with the More Handles Brand, and we need to be different to our competition so that we stand out and make a statement in a crowded online market place.

We hope that you will be happy with the evolution of the More Handles Brand and the new website experience we are creating.


In the meantime, all this branding work got us to thinking of all the famous brands, logos, mottos and slogans that we all know so well.  So, for a bit of fun, we have been experimenting with some new ideas for the More Handles Brand.  Below is a selection of some ideas that didn’t make the final cut for the new website.

 Can you recognise all the inspiration we found??

bmw logo more handles


loreal logo more handles


carlsberg logo more handles


hallmark logo more handles


mcdonalds logo more handles


audi more handles


tesco logo more handles


nike logo more handles


levis logo more handles


ibm logo more handles