WELCOME!  Meet the team behind More Handles, one of the UK's biggest and best Architectural Ironmongers.

We started as a small family firm back in 2007 with just four of us.  That has grown to be a much bigger company, with currently over 30 staff, but we still aim for a ‘family’ feel with everyone on the Team.  So have a look and see who’s who…

paul rheinbach more handles Name – Paul Rheinbach

 a.k.a – ‘Rhino’

 Role – Managing Director

 Joined - In at the Beginning!

 Background – Paul worked for many years as a manager at Carlisle Brass helping to build the  company into the UK’s biggest Architectural Ironmongery Wholesalers.  Recognising a gap in the  market Paul wanted to set up a website on this new-fangled interweb thingy to sell the Carlisle Brass  products directly. 

As a result More Handles was launched in 2007 with friends Mike & Steph as a small internet business.  That has now grown to be a large internet hardware store selling every kind of hardware available throught the website and with branches in Carlisle & Kendal and a team of over 30 staff.

Favourite Door HandleFinesse Swirl Door Knob

michael hunt more handles Name
- Michael Hunt

 a.k.a – don’t even go there…

 Role – Commercial Manager

 Joined - In at the Beginning!

 Background – Took a Career Break from the murky world of banking and over a few drinks one night  with Paul decided to set up More Handles as a small internet business selling door handles in 2007. 

 The business has grown to be a large internet hardware store selling every kind of hardware available with a huge Website, Trade Counters & Showrooms in Carlisle & Kendal, with 30+ Staff.

Married to Steph (yes, she works here too!) with 2 kids.

Outside of MORE –Desperate to own a Caterham 7 Sports Car….  Ended up with a 4 berth Caravan!

Favourite Door HandleSteelworx Carbon Fibre Door Handle

stephanie hunt more handles Name – Stephanie Hunt

 a.k.a – ‘Gwen’

 Role –Systems Manager

 Joined - In at the Beginning!

 Background – Ran a successful printing company for many years.  Persuaded by Mike (husband!)  that door handles would be easier, and set up More Handles as a small internet business selling door  handles in 2007. 

The business has grown to be a large internet hardware store selling every kind of hardware available with a huge Website, Trade Counters & Showrooms in Carlisle & Kendal, with 30+ Staff.

Married to Mike (yes, he works here too!) with 2 kids.

Outside of MORE – Working out how to star in the next TV series of Kevin McCloud – Escape to the Wild.

Favourite Door HandleFinesse Pewter Durham Door Handle

SABINA HINE Name – Sabina Hine

 a.k.a – ‘Sabrina’

 Role – SEO & Marketing Manager

 Joined - 2015

 Background – Sabina joined us as our in-house SEO Specialist.  We have worked with Sabina many  times in the past when we out-sourced some SEO duties.  We decided that we should really have  someone who is trained in the arts of Search Engine Optimisation, and so Sabina now works for us  to help make sure that you find us when you are looking for door handles on the internet.

Married with 3 kids.

Outside of MORE – Sabina rides horses and curses the English weather while dreaming of an Italian climate.

Favourite Door HandleSwarovski anything! 



 a.k.a – ‘Greaser’

 Role – Sales & Service Manager

 Joined - 2008

 Background – Reece (Paul’s son) joined the family firm after finishing his schooling.  Starting in the  Warehouse, Reece worked his way through the company with a flair for ensuring the customer always gets the right product, and the right service.

Lives in a house he is currently renovating during which he has tested almost every product we sell here!

Outside of MORE - Moonlights as a Punk Rocker with his band Car Crash Radio, and has currently persuaded his Dad that he deserves a career break and is driving his way down South America – occasionally doing some internet work for us when he remembers who we are!

Favourite Door HandleDavenport Rim Lock


jack wright more handles Name – Jack Wright

 a.k.a – ‘Orville’

 Role – Team Leader

 Joined - 2014

 Background – Jack joined More Handles as an apprentice having finished school.  Settling in quickly to the Architectural Ironmongery world, Jack now leads the Sales Team and makes sure that customer’s orders are all progressing on schedule and as smoothly as possible.

 Lives with his family, including the pet dogs and cats which he is allergic to,  but realises that he will lose in any choice between him and the pets.

Outside of MORE – Lives on antihistamine medication!

Favourite Door HandleCorona Cupboard Handle


aidan owen more handles Name – Aidan Owen

 a.k.a – ‘Aidano’

 Role – Sales & Service

 Joined - 2014

 Background – Aidan joined More Handles as an apprentice, learning the Architectural  Ironmongery trade and helping customers over the phone and email.  Aidan also looks after the More Handles EBAY site, providing some extra little clearance bargains for customers.

 Lives with his family.

Outside of MORE – Is some kind of champion Yu-Gi-Oh player.  That sounds like an impressive form of martial art, but is in fact a nerdy card trading game that none of us understand - we pretend to be impressed all the same.

Favourite Door HandleQueslett Cup Handle


 a.k.a – ‘Wilbur’

 Role – Team Leader

 Joined - 2015

 Background – Ryan joined More Handles after his brother Jack recommended him!  With a background in IT and Computing, Ryan also helps with Website Admin and keeping the right products in  the right place on the ever growing range of products More Handles has online.  

Lives with his fiancee - as he couldn't stand working and living with his brother any longer!

Outside of MORE – Fixes anything Microsoft and PC related for friends and family.  We’ve tried converting him to Apple Mac but he just won’t listen!

Favourite Door HandleGlacier Cupboard Handle

– Dinia Westlund

 a.k.a – ‘Dee’

 Role – Web Team

 Joined - 2014

 Background – Dinia works as our main website editor, adding new products and keeping things  fresh on the website.  Self taught in the world of Magento and SEO she is now also an expert on  Ironmongery having coded thousands of products.  Dinia spends most of her time working remotely, and often overseas, as she fits us in round her international travelling – yes we are all jealous!

Lives mostly in a tent or a camper van with Ross and The Hound.  Has now corrupted Reece to her way of life and persuaded him to join her on their travels, and are currently heading through South America.

Outside of MORE – Longs for the open road and life as a digital nomad – Keep up with her travels on Follow The Hound.

Favourite Door HandleBauhaus Door Handle



 Name – Amanda Brown

 a.k.a – ‘Browno'

 Role – Accounts Team Manager

 Joined - 2010

 Background – Having worked in Accounts Admin roles for many years (alright not that many years),  Amanda is naturally organised and methodical and she runs a tight ship.  We head-hunted Amanda  to help with the growing Accounts work and she has now progressed to managing the Accounts  Team, and is  currently part way through her AAT qualifications.

 Married with 2 kids, Bailey the Labrador, and a VW Camper.

Outside of MORE –  Mum Of The Year for supporting two football obsessed kids to every game, every weekend!

Favourite Door HandleModena Door Handle 


meet the teamName – Julie Veitch

a.k.a – ‘Mousie'

Role – Admin & Accounts

Joined - 2014

Background – Julie has worked in Admin, Personnel and Accounts for a number of high profile companies.  Flirting with More Handles for a while we finally got her permanently employed.  Julie now looks after the admin and some accounts duties for us, and always with a cheery smile.

Outside of MORE – Spends most of her time looking after the company mascot, Mollie.

Favourite Door HandleLudlow Door Knocker

– Rachael Rheinbach

 a.k.a – ‘Raquel’

 Role – Customer Services Manager

 Joined - 2015

 Background – Rachael (Paul's daughter) tried to resist the lure of the family business for many years,  even running away to Leicester, but eventually she realised she could not escape her destiny.  Now  working as Customer Services Manager, Rachael ensures all customers receive our 5 Star Service, and tries to educate the rest of the Team on the benefits of living a Vegan life.

Moved back home while saving for her own place.

Outside of MORE – Has to spend most of her time foraging for nuts, berries and seeds!

Favourite Door HandleFrom The Anvil Pull Handle


– Suzanne Park

 a.k.a – ‘Suzie-Q’

 Role – Admin & Accounts

 Joined - 2015

 Background –Suzanne joined More Handles as an apprentice having finished school.  Quickly picking up the Accounts Team mantra of ‘drink more coffee’, Suzanne is everyone's favourite as she never says no to anything we ask of her.

Lives within walking distance of work - but still drives here anyway.

Outside of MORE – Easily surprised and with an irrational fear of masks, we try to take advantage of this at every opportunity for any practical jokes.

Favourite Door HandleVenus Door Handle


meet the team

Name – Graham Irving

a.k.a – ‘G’

Role – Trade Counter Manager

Joined - 2012

Background – Graham has a wealth of experience in the Hardware trade built up of over 20 years of running a Trade Counter in the Carlisle area.   We persuaded him to join More Handles and run the increasingly busy Trade Counter that we set up in 2010.  A real life encyclopaedia of Hardware knowledge he knows every product out there, and refuses to be beaten with any query from our Trade Cutomers.

Married with 1 grown up kid.

Outside of MORE – Enjoys walking in the nearby Lake District - when he isn't decorating.

Favourite Door Handle


mike balmer Name – Mike Balmer

 a.k.a – 'Mr B'

 Role – Trade Counter Team

 Joined - 2010

 Background – Mike has been in the local Hardware business for over 20 years, and knows pretty  much everyone who is anyone in the ‘trade’.  Mike joined us at the time of a major expansion for More  Handles - Building on our success ‘online’ we decided to move ‘offline’ and set up a Trade Counter to  provide our huge range of products to the local joinery and building trade. 

We persuaded Mike to  come and set up our Trade Counter for us, and he has helped us build a booming business from day  one. 

Married with 2 grown up kids and now grandkids!

Outside of MORE – Has been known to walk across the entire country from side to side – Will he do it from end to end?

Favourite Door Handle – Arkus Door Handle


dave young more handles Name – David Young           

 a.k.a – ‘Dave The Rave’

 Role – Trade Counter Team

 Joined - 2011

 Background – Dave joined us to support the new Trade Counter, having spent the previous few years learning the hardware trade.  He can also be found helping out in the Warehouse, the  Showroom or with anything else we can dream up for him!  Always has a smile, and usually a song  as well!

Married to Elaine (yes, she works here too!), with 2 grown up kids.

Outside of MORE – Collector of The Beatles memorabilia and Raleigh Chopper bicycles, definite obsessive compulsive behaviour!

Favourite Door HandleCharlston Door Knob 


Will BellName – William Bell

a.k.a – ‘Willie’ (but he hates it)

Role – Operations Manager

Joined - 2012

Background – Will had a good grounding in the Hardware Trade working as a Sales Rep and he joined us to help develop the Trade business across Cumbria.  As the business has grown Will has migrated to Operations Manager helping with all aspects of the business.  Will is half Spanish, but we are still looking for his Buzz Lightyear Spanish Mode reset!

Lives with Deborah has 1 grown up kid, and Harvey 1 very grown up Great Dane.

Outside of MORE – Gets taken for walks by Harvey!

Favourite Door Handle – Anything from Turnstyle Design


– Gary Chandler

 a.k.a – ‘Gazza’

 Role – Trade Specification Manager

 Joined - 2014

 Background – We kept hearing the name ‘Gary Chandler’ every time we tried to get any business  from the local architects and larger construction companies.  It took us a few years but eventually  Gary came to join the More Handles Family, and we were really pleased to be able to offer his many decades of experience in scheduling architectural hardware. 

Gary spends most of his week touring Cumbria and beyond visiting the architects, designers and customers to help with ironmongery specification.

Married with 4 grown up kids.

Outside of MORE – Building up his reputation as a restaurant critic of Cumbria’s best eateries.

Favourite Door Handle Boss Door Closer (Well he is the Specification Manager!)



 a.k.a – ‘Tone The Moan’

 Role – Stock Control Manager

 Joined - 2010

 Background – Tony was our first employee and joined us part time to help out with packing occasionally.  As the business grew we sucked him in full time and got him to manage the Warehouse.  Now back to part time, he still dots all the I’s and crosses all the T’s for us booking in stock, and does his best to moan at anyone who actually wants to take any of his stock out again!

 Married with 3 grown up kids, 3 grandkids and 1 long suffering wife.

Outside of MORE – Leads a double life as a biker and Prog Rock fan – someone has to like that stuff!

Favourite Door HandleBloxwich Door Knob



 a.k.a – ‘Steve-o’

 Role – Warehouse Team

 Joined - 2012

 Background –Steve has worked for us before in other businesses and we lured him away from his  previous life in the printing industry to come and help us out in the Warehouse.   Currently working  part time , nobody works any faster than Steve and he knows every supplier inside and out.  He occasionally harmonizes his whistling with Dave’s singing!

Lives with Angie in Scotland and commutes over the border!

Outside of MORE – Works hard at not speaking with a Scottish accent.

Favourite Door HandleAscot Leather Door Handle



ash Name – Ashley Monckton

– ‘Monk’

 Role – Warehouse Supervisor

 Joined - 2014

 Background – Ashley joined us to help out with the ever expanding Warehouse duties.  New to the  role Ash settled in well and is now the Warehouse Supervisor making sure everything runs smoothly  and that all the parcels are carefully picked packed and despatched.

 Outside of MORE – Is a drummer – sometimes with Reece’s band, but mostly with real musicians!

Favourite Door HandleKeyhole Handle

jamie robinson more handles Name
– Jamie Robinson

 a.k.a – ‘Jamie’ – inventive huh!

 Role – Trade Counter Team

 Joined - 2015

 Background – Jamie joined us to help out with the ever expanding Warehouse duties.  We poached him from Carlisle Brass, our main supplier, so he was already familiar with many of our products. Now working on our busy Trade Counter he is quickly learning all the other products we supply.

Outside of MORE – Loves Wrestling – Hey, we are an eclectic bunch you know!  Has also taken up road cycling but we think that is just so he can wear the lycra suits and pretend he's a pro wrestler.

Favourite Door HandleGeorgian Door Handle


Angela Name – Angela

 a.k.a – 'Angelina'

 Role – Accounts Assistant

 Joined - 2017

 Background – As we keep getting busier the Accounts Team keep drowning, so Amanda Brown recruited Angela Brown (no relation apparently) to help out.  The two Browns have worked together before and Angela fitted straight into the Accounts Team to boost them along again.  Although mainly she can be found trying to un-jam the scanner again!

Lives with her husband and 2 kids.

Outside of MORE – Angela has a 1 year old and a 4 year old, she comes to work for a rest!

Favourite Door Handle – Cotini Cupboard Handle


Marina Name – Marina

 a.k.a – 'Mariniii'

 Role – Marketing Assistant

 Joined - 2015

 Background – Marina joined us to help initially in the Warehouse, and after putting up with the lads for a while she now assists in the Marketing team - where she tells us the smell is so much nicer!  

 Outside of MORE – Marina is taking her Scuba Diving qualifications.  Originally from Catalonia - Spain, for some reason she waited until she was in the cold waters of England to take up Scuba Diving?!?

Favourite Door Handle – Marina Door Handle - Obviously!


meet the team Name – Andy

 a.k.a – 'Bally'

 Role – Warehouse Assistant

 Joined - 2016

 Background – Andy joined us to help out in the Warehouse with picking orders, packing and despatching.  Maintains a pretty good work rate really considering he spends most of his time tuning the radio to some hideous heavy metal music and making three course lunches in the kitchen.

Lives with his family including his young daughter.

Outside of MORE – Spends his personal time dressing up as Gene Simmons from KISS.

Favourite Door Handle – Wonderwipes - required for cleaning up the kitchen!



M Name – Mark

 a.k.a – 'Nel'

 Role – Warehouse Assistant

 Joined - 2016

 Background – Mark worked in the warehouse at Carlisle Brass our main supplier.  His reputation as the best one in there meant that we had to get him into More Handles, and we are very pleased we did.  Mark is 'Mr Efficient' and keeps the orders flowing through the Warehouse.  

Outside of MORE – Mark has a secret obsession with Star Wars Collectable Figures - however any resemblance to Yak Face from Return of the Jedi is entirely coincidental.

Favourite Door Handle – Nelson Door Handle



meet the team Name – Neil

 a.k.a – 'Dog'

 Role – Trade Counter Assistant

 Joined - 2016

 Background – Neil had worked in the Ironmongery trade for many years, and was the natural choice when we needed to expand the Trade Counter Team.  Already known to our existing team and many of our customers, Neil fitted straight into the More Handles culture, even being persuaded to dress up as Superman for our Trade Counter Superhero Charity Day - he drew the line at the Wonder Woman costume though!

Outside of MORE – Lives a quiet life in Carlisle - but we know he's a 'Marra' really.  (Cumbrian reference call us for explanations)

Favourite Door Handle – Contemporary Door Handle


meet the team Name – Liz

 a.k.a – 'Aunty Liz'

 Role – Customer Service Assistant

 Joined - 2017

 Background – Liz joined the team to help out with the admin side of sales and service for customers.  Aunty Liz is usually busy helping the Sales and Service team to stay on top of their paperwork, and even despatching orders in the warehouse on busy days.

Outside of MORE – Liz holds a secret Mafia Don type position in her local village - interestingly this is unknown to the other 3 members of staff who all live in the same village - They should be very respectful in their emails...

Favourite Door Handle – Elizabethan Door Hinge


steve Name – Steve

 a.k.a – 'Bleb'

 Role – Kendal Branch Manager

 Joined - 2016

 Background – Steve joined the More Handles team in 2016 to help us open a new branch in Kendal.  Serving in the trade for many years in the Kendal area, Steve was the natural choice to help us in our expansion plans and has quickly established More Handles Kendal as Lakeland's Ironmongers.  

Lives with his family in beautiful Kendal on the edge of the Lake District.


Outside of MORE – Steve is a Punk at heart, and would pass for Captain Jack Sparrow when out of work uniform.

Favourite Door Handle – Kendal Door Handle


Alex  Name 
– Alex

 a.k.a – 'Alvin Stardust'

 Role – Kendal Branch Assistant Manager

 Joined - Alex was part of the initial team to set up the new Kendal Branch for More Handles.  Serving for many years in the ironmongery trade, Alex is also a useful technical chap on all things computers.

Outside of MORE – Apparently nothing - just waiting for More Handles to open again on Monday morning!

Favourite Door Handle – Alexander Door Handle


meet the team Name – Craig

 a.k.a – 'Howie'

 Role – Kendal Sales Representative

 Joined - 2016

 Background – Craig was another useful part of the new Kendal Branch team.  Brought in to provide a friendly knowledgable face to our new customers in the Lake District and beyond.  Craig spends most of his day driving round the scenic Lake District - it's a tough job but someone's got to do it!

Outside of MORE – Craig's real job is as a professional DJ - think Smashey & Nicey!  Available for birthdays, weddings, and bar mitzvahs!

Favourite Door Handle – Howard Door Handle


meet the team Name – Alan

 a.k.a – 'Fatal'

 Role – Kendal Sales Representative

 Joined - 2017

 Background – Alan joined us to complete the Kendal Branch team giving us some useful cover for the busy times and also running the More Handles Mobile Shop - taking our range of ironmongery out on the road to sell direct.  Alan was already well known to the Kendal team and has settled in well. 

Outside of MORE – Turns out Alan is a born again biker and bit of a genius classic motorbike mechanic often present at the Isle of Man TT festival!

Favourite Door Handle – Gela Leather Handle




elaine Name – Elaine Young
 – ‘Lorraine’

 Role – Garbologist

 Joined - 2012

 Background –Elaine works for us part time emptying the garbage and generally trying to clean up after the mess we all make, (well... mainly Andy makes actually).

 Married to Dave (yes, he works here too) with 2 grown up kids.

Outside of MORE – A keep fit fanatic, she has to stay fit to cope with Dave’s OCD!

Favourite Door Handle – Any, as long they don't need cleaning!



mollie Name – Mollie

 a.k.a – ‘Ronnie & Ronnie’

 Role – Company Mascot

Joined - 2015

Background –Mollie is a cute little black Patterdale Terrier, and is Julie’s little baby.  She is occasionally pressed into service to get dressed up as Ronnie & Ronnie and deliver More Handles Parcels.

Now famous across Facebook and Youtube she hasn’t let the fame go to her head yet.

Outside of MORE – Is a dog!

Favourite Door Handle – Not fussy - will chew on any handle that she can reach.

View my Video – 


  meet the team


So, that's us!  You won't meet a bigger team of door handle nerds.  Now that you know who we are - Email us or give us a call and see if we can help with your next project;


TEL - 01228 516516.