We all know the importance of washing our hands before we use a door handle, however there are some environments where it can mean preventing diseases spreading. Hospitals and kitchens in particular have a real need to be aware of hand sanitation. According to the Centre For Disease Control 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted through touch. Particularly harmful infections such as e-coli, MRSA and the common cold can live on surfaces (especially door handles) for long periods of time, so hand hygiene is of the utmost importance. 

PullClean by The Agency of Design and Altitude Medical

The Pull Clean Door Handle

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In a busy hospital it is often easy to forget to sanitise your hands, even though hand sanitiser bottles are situated all over. Some forward thinking designers over at The Agency of Design came up with the PullClean. This clever device was thought about with a unique angle. When Altitude Medical approached The Agency of Design said they wanted something designed that put hand sanitisers ‘in the line of motion’ of staff.

The firm had a few different approaches when it came to solving the common problem. One of the designs featured a RIFD tag that reminded staff that they needed to use the sanitiser. This might have been seen as a nuisance so instead the firm went for a frictionless ‘opt-in’ design so that people didn’t have to consciously make a decision to use the device.

The blue paddle became the final design choice as it offered the most obvious way to implement the intended action. The paddle is tapered slightly outwards from the door handle, which encourages people to look at it, as well as use it. The design proved to work as when the design was implemented in a U.S hospital the rate of sanitation rose from 24% to 77%.

The hardware is only part of the design. The easily refillable handles also come with built in censors that link to a web app, letting administrators see how often the dispensers are being activated in relation to how frequently the doors are being opened. This ensures a high standard or care is carried out after installation.

This life saving technology comes in at a cool $200. It may be pricey, but the stats speak for themselves. PullClean is certainly a smart door handle.

WristPull Door Handle 

Wrist Pull Door Handle

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This clever invention stops your hand coming into contact with a potentially contaminated surface. The WristPull door handle turns an arbitrary action into an experience. It makes you rethink a common action, which in turn puts hand hygiene at the front of your mind. This revolutionary product is used in hospitals, laboratories, offices, restaurants and hotels. It certainly works – they help to reduce germs spreading by 99.9%.

The WristPull isn’t without an interesting back story either. Designed by a British family in 2008 The WristPull came from one family’s concern over public restroom hygiene. They often found that people left the restroom without washing their hands and would find themselves using tissue to open the door handle. This concern was then worsened when their daughter contracted MRSA whilst giving birth in a hospital. This made the family even more conscious of hand hygiene and the significance of their product.

The product is now an award winning design and has received a Global Business Excellence Award for Outstanding New Product and was also a finalist of Start Up Awards ‘Silver Fox Award’.

 Here at More Handles we appreciate a clever design and we think these designs address a common problem in an ingenious manner. Be sure to think about your own hand hygiene when you purchase your own beautiful door handles.